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Keeping your brand stationed in the minds of your consumer.

We believe train branding should be a part of a wider national marketing mix. High-resolution exterior train wraps will engage new audiences and can improve your ROI on your marketing mix.

The process of exterior train branding is simple with Bull Eye Media.

  1. Give us a call and fix a meeting
  2. State the train route you desire
  3. Specify the budgets and the duration of the campaign
  4. Bulls Eye Media will share with you the branding specifications
  5. You share the art work with us
  6. Bulls Eye Media will share the creative artwork with the Indian Railway authorities for approvals
  7. Post approvals, the train exterior high quality vinyl will be printed and pasted on the train
  8. A pictorial report will be submitted to you
  9. Every week and every month a report on the status of the train will be submitted to you
  10. Maintenance of the creative from wear and tear is of primordial importance to Bulls Eye Media
  11. Billing process to begin and payment schedule is defined

Our tracking service keeps you updated at all stages of production and execution.

For more info or to discuss train advertising or wrapping  solutions contact us today.



Bulls Eye Media has an established relationship with the Indian Railway Authorities.  Right from procuring a specified train for you, to paperwork, right through approvals, Bulls Eye Media is your partner.

If the train route selected by you is already available with Bulls Eye Media, the entire process of getting your campaign started would take about 15 working days. You could even chose a train not already available on the list of trains, Bulls Eye Media  will ensure you get the train route that best suits your requirements.  This process would take about 45 working days.

If you would like to get more information for your brand, we are a call away.



A little free time and itchy hands, or curiosity can make one pull and tug at the branding; in the process damaging the quality of the product or defacing your brand. Bulls Eye Media’s dedicated railway installation specialists provide comprehensive vinyl graphic application, anti vandalism and brand refurbishment services. An in-house dedicated team not only makes your brand look good, but also makes the process painless. We pride ourselves for the quality of maintenance we provide.



Our true strength lies in the fact that the trains, when branded, are tracked, monitored and maintained by a dedicated in-house team.

Every single train, each coach is tracked for its schedule or change in its route, and the same is communicated to you. In case there is a change in the train or route or change in the coach, Bulls Eye Media Team works with the railways to get your brand the optimal results. The train is tracked and the report with photographs is submitted to you.

Once the train reaches the yard, every inch of the train branding is scrutinised, cleaned and checked for wear and tear of the branding. In case of any scratch or tear of the branding, the vinyl is changed immediately. Your brand portrayal is of utmost significance to us. A customised app with the in-house team is built to provide update on tracking and monitoring.

We pride ourselves for the quality of maintenance services. An end-to-end maintenance is offered on the train branding. Repairs, re-paste, cleaning of the vinyl, defacing the vinyl when the campaign is over, including repainting of the train when the train is defaced, are all done by our in-house team. So you don’t have to worry about the maintenance of your brand image.