Metro Rail advertising: The fastest growing medium for innovative brand communication
Think Metro.

324 Kilometers of operational metro lines in India

6 million

Passengers per day all over India

510 Stations where India commutes daily

The sheer numbers of people who are using the metro to commute is growing fast. But it’s not just the traffic numbers which make metro rail advertising so rewarding and attractive for marketers and brands. It’s the medium itself.

According to latest industry reports on Indian media and entertainment

sectors, transit outdoor media such as metro advertising is going to outpace all other out-of-home (OOH) media options. And this is precisely the reason why most leading brands today are turning to metro rail advertising to target the urban audience on-the-move.

And it’s not difficult to see why: Metro scores over other OOH options because it offers a captive audience for a longer duration. The Metro media gets an average of 30 minutes of audience viewership. In addition, the contemporary metro environment is not as cluttered as other media, which becomes a very important factor as OOH is known as a ‘seven seconds media’.

So join the metro ‘brandwagon’ and give your brands the ideal platform to captivate people’s attention that cuts across every segment, age, demographics and income levels!

Think Bullseye Media.

Location: Kochi

Media: Branding on reverse of metro tickets

Reach: 15 lakh metro rail commuters per month

Location: Bengaluru

Media: Branding on metro pillars (296 nos.)

Reach: 30 lakh metro rail commuters per month

Location: Jaipur

Media: Branding inside and outside 9 metro stations

Reach: 20 lakh metro rail commuters per month