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Do’s and Don’ts

While branding on the Indian Railways, we are allowed to paste vinyl wraps following the below mentioned guidelines.


  1. The vinyl used for pasting should match the standards specified by the railways. Hence, the vinyl sample has to be tested by a Railways recognized Agency and the test reports need to be submitted in the railway department.
  2. The pasting can be done in only the area specified by the railways in the LOA, i.e., the agreement between the media agency and the Railways Department. Any violation of the same may lead to the removal of the vinyl wraps and/or the cancellation of the contract.
  3. It is the responsibility of the contracting agency to return the coaches to the railways after completion of the contract period in the state in which they were rented out. In case of any damage whatsoever incurred to the coaches during the contract period, the contracting agency will be held liable.
  4. After the completion of the contract period, the coaches need to be painted and pasted vinyl wraps should be removed before handing them back to the railways.
  5. The contracting agency needs to take the approval from the railways and the yard officials separately for pasting on the coaches and also for carrying  out the removal of the wraps, i.e. defacing.
  6. Also the artwork should be approved by the Railways before the actual execution takes place.
  7. All norms mentioned in  the agreement must be followed bindingly, failure to which could lead to termination/ cancellation of contract.



  1. Any unapproved material or any unapproved quality of material cannot be used for advertisement on Indian railways. It should always adhere to the standards specified by the Indian Railways.
  2. Branding should not be done on the areas prohibited by the Railways.
  3. The vinyl wraps should by no means cover any information, such as, seat locations, coach numbers, routes and Railway Division printed on the coaches.
  4. If found so, this would result in the removal of the vinyl wraps from such locations, cost of which shall be borne by the contracting agency.
  5. Littering of coaches, railway premises such as stations or yards is not permitted, and if found so, a fine will be imposed on the contracting agency or similar actions will be undertaken.